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THE MOSAIC …pieces of different forms, shapes, sizes and colors brought together to form a beautiful image – an image of our communities…

Our mission statement

Acting through the promotion of health and economic wellbeing, community leadership and a rights-based approach to community support, our mission is to empower diverse, socially and economically marginalised and disadvantaged communities, thereby enabling them to participate actively in strategic decision making at the community level and to access mainstream services and economic opportunities.


The Mosaic Community Trust has united communities by addressing issues of religious intolerance and by challenging negative attitudes and practices at the root of prejudice, hatred, and fear.

Whilst we celebrate diverse cultures within a community, we also acknowledge the importance of challenging isolation.

The Mosaic Community Trust encourages and
supports isolated communities to integrate into
mainstream society, empowering women as active and engaged citizens and leaders in their


Empowered community leaders and women play an increasing role in raising communities' social and economic status and strategic impact.

Our rights-based approach to working with disadvantaged communities empowers individuals to better manage their health and wellbeing, reduce health inequalities and build cohesive and sustainable communities.

We encourage empowerment of communities by supporting them in making informed choices about their health and wellbeing, help them develop self-awareness, self-care and promote the understanding of equal partnership in their healthcare decisions.

Celebrating caring communities

We have built community cohesion and resilience to break down health and social inequality barriers. Our established partnerships with local health and wellbeing service providers support our work with local professionals and policy makers to make services more accessible to marginalised BME communities.

We believe that to enhance community wellbeing, the social and economic resources existing within local communities need to be celebrated and mobilised. We actively promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion and help to create a strong sense of belonging, by building relationships and strengthening connections through shared interests and group events.


Our Funders and Supporters