Mosaic community Trust is a voluntary organistaion working in North Westminster with disadvantaged ethnic minorities for over 15 years. Mosaic has partnered with WAES to deliver three 6-week courses at pre-entry level in therapeutic Indian Head Massage with a strong focus on Mental wellness. The course is tailored and structured in its approach and delivery, meeting the cultural needs, and different learning abilities amongst the learners. The safe and welcoming environment gives learners the opportunity to share and express themselves freely without the fear of being judged. Mosaic has so far delivered 2 pre-entry level therapeutic Indian Head Massage courses, over a period of 12 weeks, attended by over 15 learners in each course. Our learners’ achievements will be celebrated on International Women’s Day, attended by on the 9th of March recognising their hard work and determination. Karen Buck and Arinola Edeh will attend as chief guests The learners will share their stories of change after joining the course, and how learning a new skill has inspired them to support their community. All learners who have successfully completed the course will be awarded a certificate on behalf of Mosaic and WAES.

We have now started delivering the course at Harrow Road, WECH community centre. We have managed to attract and reach out to one of the most deprived Wards in Westminster, which sees a decrease in employability amongst ethnic minorities.

Within the course, learners have access to a one-to-one pastoral care to help them achieve their set goals and address any issues they may have which maybe affecting their learning and focus. Within the course setting a much-needed social group is formed to help tackle loneliness and isolation amongst the learners and improve their listening and communication skills and increase self-confidence.

Learners became more understanding and aware of other cultures and developed new friendships.

Most of the learners believed that the course boosted their well-being and was beneficial to their health. The course offers health advice, how to manage stress and the importance of self-reflection, taking a holistic approach to wellness.  Our skill-based course is a gateway into employment or further education, providing an opportunity to explore ways of generating income, whilst managing home life.

Picture1.jpgLearner’s testimonials

“Since I have joined the course, I have learnt how to manage my stress better through massage and self-reflection. I enjoyed the course and met new people and made new friends. I have become more confident and happier.

Learner B.

“I was given the opportunity to express myself and talk about my fears and worries and was given support by my peers. The course is not just about massage, but more than that. It’s about taking care of your mental wellbeing. The pastoral care was very helpful for me, and I was able to complete the course with the support of the teacher and my friends”.

Learner Z.

“I suffer with anxiety and stress, having joined the course I have learnt how to cope better with my anxiety. The course teaches you the importance of Indian Head Massage for your mental wellbeing. I have learnt massage techniques and client consultations.  I have used this new skill to provide massage for family and friends.

Learner M