Women’s Group
Building friendships together

interfaith-womens-council.jpgThe recent events in London have further contributed to the increase in religious based tension, violence, hatred, fear and insecurities in the community.

This has particularly affected the women who do not feel safe and secure to freely move around – sometimes, even around their own neighbourhood.

The Mosaic Community Trust in consultation with the women from
different religious backgrounds and religious leaders at St.Paul’s Community Centre and the Westbourne Park Family Centre developed an interfaith women’s group to support the women in the community to come together to build bridges of friendships with the aim to:

  • Learn to respect, trust and love each other irrespective of their faiths and beliefs
  • Reduce and prevent religious based tensions, violence, fear and prejudice through
  • Increasing their knowledge and understanding of each other’s faiths and beliefs

womengroup4.jpgWhat we achieved

  • Sharing knowledge and skills
  • Identifying shared values and beliefs
  • Supporting and helping each other
  • Strengthening relationships within families, between families, within communities and between communities
  • Enriching your own life