Nepal: Building Enabling Communities

HCC-e1452264858211.jpgMosaic Community Trust has initiated a new project in Nepal in response to the devastating earthquake that hit the country in April 2015. This is the first project that Mosaic has implemented in Nepal in line with its new strategy of expanding overseas. This project is being supported through a generous donation of £5,400 from HCC International Insurance Company PLC.

Working in partnership with Mandir Samaj, a local NGO, this project aims to address and manage public health risks caused by earthquake damage to the village of Mali Gaun, 15km south of Kathmandu. Mali Gaun has received very little support through the earthquake recovery programme, due in part to its predominantly low caste population making it extremely difficult to influence and mobilise any support from external agencies.

Mandir Samaj will carry out a series of infrastructural improvements to the village, which will include installation of a new water tank, construction of four public toilets, and restoration of the community centre, access road and drainage. This work will take place alongside education and awareness raising activities carried out by the community and youth leaders e.g. health and hygiene education to encourage villagers to wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating. All these activities will be supported by funding support from HCCI.

In line with Mosaic Community Trust’s approach of empowering communities through community leadership and a rights-based approach, the project will also seek to increase the community’s awareness of their rights and responsibilities and increase their capacity to effectively mobilise support from government and non-governmental sources, in the process giving them more control over their own lives.