image-20230307224353-1.pngOn the 30th November 2022, the Mosaic Community Trust collaborated with the Patient Experience Research Centre at Imperial College, London and Imperial College Health Partners to undertake a community awareness session on blood pressure.

This session came about from project being undertaken by Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP) and North West London Integrated Board (NWL ICB) exploring the management of blood pressure for people who live or receive care in North West London.

To capture views related to this topic a survey was circulated across communities, including the Mosaic Community Trust. On receipt of this opportunity, it was raised by Lena (CEO of the Mosaic Community Trust) that although blood pressure was a huge issue for their community, this survey and approach would not be appropriate for capturing the views of their community.

As such, a 2-hour face-to-face session was developed to provide further information about blood pressure and to also capture the experiences of the community in regard to blood pressure management.

The session was developed and hosted in collaboration with a local GP (Dr Katrina Humphreys, Lisson Grove Health Centre) with support from Halle Johnson and Maria Piggin (Patient Experience Research Centre), Judy Slape and Shanta Raj (Imperial College Health Partners) and key leads across Mosaic including Head of Community Programmes (Habiba) and Mosaic’s CEO (Lena).

The purpose of the session was to:

  • increase awareness of high blood pressure (what it is, who it affects, what it can lead to) and blood pressure measurement and management
  • understand current perceptions and understanding of blood pressure and their experiences of blood pressure measurement and management

Download full report here